H.H. Smith - Electronic Hardware
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H.H. Smith

Teflon Terminals, Components, Binding Posts, Ceramic Spacers, Solder Lugs

Choose HH Smith Hardware for Your Standard & Custom Installations

With the HH Smith electronics component line, you have access to literally thousands of items. In addition to standard parts like Teflon terminals, ceramic spacers, and solder lugs, this manufacturer also specializes in customized cable assemblies and coaxial connection devices. The product line also includes a broad selection of test connectors (banana plugs and binding posts) along with accessories such as insulated boots. Many connectors are available by special order in colors besides the standard red and black. This permits you to easily specify parts that meet your project needs and the preferences of your clients.

The vast majority of this manufacturer´s components are compliant with EU RoHS regulations since these products are used extensively in both the U.S. and Europe. This means you won´t be introducing hazardous levels of toxic materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury into the environment by using HH Smith hardware in your electrical projects. However, many RoHS compliant parts (e.g. the HH Smith standoff 8295) are still compatible with leaded processes. This means your use of these items in installations that require connection with existing components is not unduly restricted.