About Us

The most important message we can convey to any customer is that Electronic Hardware LTD. does not only manufacture screw machine parts, we have a long history of working with the customer to improve their original design, reducing the cost of the part, holding tolerances other manufacturers can’t, and delivering with much shorter lead times.

The following success stories are intended to familiarize you with several of Electronic Hardware’s many custom manufactured parts and the companies we make them for.

Bourns: An engineer from Bourns in Utah sent in a drawing for a part to be used in Chrysler carburetors. We were able to work with the Bourns team and together we re-designed and improved the part. Electronic Hardware LTD. was the ONLY supplier who offered a better design, could hold the I.D. tolerance of +0″ to -.0005″ and showed Bourns a savings of 66% off what they had budgeted for. The initial production run of 1,200,000 will be shipping soon.

Astec Power: For over 20 years Electronic Hardware LTD. has manufactured custom parts for Astec’s power supply product division. A particular challenging application to note was when Astec came to Electronic Hardware looking for a solution to a problem. The PCB Stand-offs they were using couldn’t hold a torque of 7″ lbs. our engineers worked with Astec, improved the design, and created a workhorse of a stand-off that withstands up to 20″ lbs. of torque.

Sanmina Corporation: Electronic Hardware LTD. currently manufactures over 100 part numbers for Sanmina Corporation. Some of these are sold in products to Cisco Systems, Alcatel and other giants in the industry, as well as our manufacturing parts for these companies on a direct basis. Again, Electronic Hardware made recommendations that resulted in better design solutions for Sanmina and Cisco. While at the same time reducing their costs, and cutting their lead times.

Much more than just the average distributor, we are franchised with the leaders in the field of electronic and component manufacturers internationally. Our stocking inventory encompasses products from names such as H. H. Smith, Keystone, RAF, Amatorn, Lyn-Tron and Mill-Max. 18,000 square feet of inventory means that you, as our customer, can find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Hard-to-find stand-offs and spacers are not a problem for Electronic Hardware, LTD. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you fill your hardware needs in a timely fashion. Stocking 10 million stand-offs & spacers and over 100,000 handles are just some of the ways we go the extra distance to deliver on time.

Electronic Hardware, LTD. also can meet your screw machine product needs. Your order is custom made per your blue print. Whether you are looking for Standard or Metric, we manufacture over 200,000 parts per day in special lengths and sizes. Our 25 years of experience in custom manufacturing of screw machine products assures a rapid turnaround time at competitive pricing.

Individual attention to each and every customer is our key to success. Whether you reach us by phone, or by E-mail through our Web site, we look forward to continuing our 25-year tradition of excellence in customer service and reliability.